Thursday, November 18, 2010

Redskins 8 Worst Contracts Ever

Bruce Smith -- five-years, $23 million in 2000

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Antwaan Randle El -- seven-years, $31 million in 2006

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Mark Brunell -- seven-years, $43 million in 2004

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Laveranues Coles -- five-years, $35 million

Jeff George -- four-years, $18.25 million in 2000

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Albert Haynesworth -- seven years, $100 million in 2009

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Deion Sanders -- seven-years, $56 million in 2000

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Donovan McNabb -- five-years, $78 million in 2010

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Redskins Have A Way Out of Donovan McNabb's Contract

Is Donovan McNabb's Contract Now the Worst of All Time?

The 14 Worst Business Practices of Redskins Owner Daniel Snyder

Dear Mike - Eminem parody of Dan Snyder and Mike Shanahan.

Eminem parody of Dan Snyder and Mike Shanahan.

Conservative News Media rants on how Donovan McNabb SUCKS!

Donovan McNabb 5 year deal? Worst Contract ever?

Lets just say 7 tds and 8 picks don't normally translate to 40 mil guaranteed- but Dan Synder, as we have learned likes to set new standards for Ka$h. But we have also seen none of them ever work, don't expect McNabb's to be any different.

ESPN E:60 Interview with Redskins owner Daniel Snyder

The ESPN E:60 story/interview on Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder.

Chad Dukes Redskins Rant on 106.7 the Fan after the MNF Game

DC Sports Talk host Chad Dukes goes on one of the most epic rants you'll ever hear in response to the game last night. This is absolutely a must listen and actually succeeded in making me feel bad for Redskins fans.

Drew Litton's latest Monday Night Madness, Eagles vs. Skins w/ Obama

Eagles vs. Redskins, Nov. 15, 2010. Check out Drew Litton's latest Monday Night Madness. Big storylines for Washington Redskins versus Philadelphia Eagles on ESPN's Monday Night Football. Donovan McNabb has cardiovascular issues (meaning he is too fat) and Michael Vick still is being stalked by dogfighting issues. President Obama does not know who to pick at Redskins QB and Mike Shanahan has scared everyone in DC.